The Association’s primary purposes and objectives are to:

1.   Provide a forum for people interested in the preservation and promotion of pre-multiplex film culture to share this interest and further develop their knowledge and appreciation of the single-screen film going experience as embodied by the Astor Theatre.

2.   Preserve, protect, and maintain the architectural heritage of the Astor Theatre as Melbourne’s longest operating, purpose built, single-screen cinema and to continue utilisation of the building for its original purpose.

3.   Showcase the Astor Theatre as a venue for the screening of 35mm and 70 mm films and so provide audiences with the opportunity to experience these original formats in the digital age.

4.   Develop the Astor Theatre as a popular centre for moving images on film, video and new media into the 21st Century.

5.   Build public awareness of, and appreciation for, the Astor Theatre and the unique film-going experience it offers to benefit the wider population by encouraging the greatest possible access to film related activities in this heritage venue.

6.   Foster relationships with other film-centric bodies, heritage movie theatres and film preservation archives in Australia and internationally, with a particular emphasis on film.

7.   Secure public and private funding to promote the objectives of the Association.