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“The Astor is a Melbourne Institution up there with Luna Park and the Espy Hotel. Who hasn’t spent a night watching a great movie, eating a choc top and patting that cat that used to roam the seats? In these days of multiplexes and blockbusters, The Astor should be treasured and valued, and certainly not used as a space where only the privileged elite can watch their little darlings perform… The Astor is for everyone!” – Dave O’Neill, comedian

“The Australian film scene would be immeasurably poorer if The Astor was lost. The Astor is an architectural gem, a treasure trove of cinematic artefacts and a cultural icon. Keeping The Astor alive. I give it five stars.” – David Stratton, At the Movies, ABC TV

“We are losing the fight to retain our cultural identity piece by piece – remember the Walter Burley Griffin Capitol Theatre, The Valhalla Cinema, The Longford and the Carlton Moviehouse? Classic Australian cinemas and theatres that will never again show a movie – this is a fate we cannot let happen to the Astor Cinema, one of the last remaining pieces.” – Roy Billing, actor

“I have many fond memories of Melbourne film festival screenings at the Astor Theatre and am deeply concerned by its uncertain future as a public cinema – to lose such an integral part of Melbourne would be tragedy” – Sophie Lee, actor

“The Astor Theatre is one of kind, and it would be tremendous shame to see its doors locked to the public – we can’t let that happen.”- Michael Caton, actor

“[The Astor] is the last great movie house in Melbourne. The idea that we may lose it altogether is unthinkable.” – Tony Martin, comedian, Mx Melbourne 17 May 2012

“The Astor Theatre holds a unique place in the hearts of Melbourne’s film buffs and screen enthusiasts. As supporters of a vibrant and diverse screen culture, we at the Australian Film Institute (AFI) and Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) would like to see the Astor continuing as a public cinema contributing to the city’s cinema landscape. We send our best wishes and support to our friends at the Astor.” – Damian Trewhella, CEO, AFI | AACTA

“Madman have always been strong supporters of The Astor. It is an institution; a fantastic, unique place to view rare and exciting cinema of any era, and its closure would be a great loss to our culture. We wish the team all the best in their campaign to keep the projectors running.” – Paul Wiegard, Managing Director, Madman Entertainment

“The Astor Theatre is not just a movie house in Melbourne – It’s a cinema institution that showcases everything that we love about the movies! From the calendars, a mainstay of every Melburnians fridge, to the vibrant array of titles that screen year in year out – The Astor is not just a venue but a part of the Melbourne Culture. To lose her is to lose a part of the Melbourne film going heritage and we can’t let that happen. We here at Umbrella Entertainment fully support FOTA and stand behind the Save The Astor Campaign” – Jeff Harrison, CEO, Umbrella Entertainment. 

“The ubiquitous Astor calendar is as Melbourne as you can get. When you spot it on someone’s wall or door, there’s a fair chance they’ll turn out to be someone you like. A kindred spirit that shares the understanding that cinema has so much more fun and diversity to offer than just what plays out at the multiplexes. That cinema has a rich history, preserved only when it is shared on the big screen. Melbourne has many great things that have helped define it as a cultural capital and one certainly is our passion for film. And that is further defined and embodied by the many happy people that frequent, and those that run, the wonderful institution of the Astor Theatre.” – Ivan Vukusic, Shock Entertainment

“The Astor Theatre is a bastion for the history of cinema in Melbourne. In a country whose investment in Cinema needs to be protected and celebrated – the Astor remains as the leading repertoire house in the country whose reputation and adoration in the industry is second to none. If you love movies and you love the cinema like me then you’ll get right behind this campaign. The Lowdown Under fully supports Friends Of The Astor & please join us to save this landmark of the Australian Cinema Industry.” Aaron Rowlands, Owner & Managing Director, The Lowdown Under